What a Super Bowl Win Could Mean for Patrick Mahomes’ Legacy

Arizona Cardinals Stadium
By gusmahlera1

Patrick Mahomes is widely considered to be the most talented quarterback of this new generation. Many believe that he is the sole quarterback currently in the league that has a real shot of coming anywhere close to touching Tom Brady’s legacy. In his last Super Bowl appearance, Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were taken down by Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what could have been a passing of the torch for Mahomes. However, he has once again led him team to the NFL’s biggest stage, and they are well-suited to make this a very competitive game. For the Chiefs to win this game, Mahomes will have to have one of his best games of the season, if not of his entire career. Few have been able to find much success through the air against Philadelphia, especially in the playoffs. However, if anyone can find a way to pick apart this defense it is Mahomes. We will break down how Mahomes’ resume stacks up against former greats, and what a win and likely Super Bowl MVP would do for his legacy

Where Mahomes Stands In Terms of Legacy Up to This Point In His Career

Currently, Patrick Mahomes has been named to five Pro Bowls, two All-Pro teams, a one time MVP, a one time Super Bowl MVP, a one time Super Bowl champion, and a two time recipient of the offensive player of the year award. Most surprising of all of this is that Mahomes has only been in the league for six seasons. Thus far, he has made the Super Bowl in 50% of the seasons he has spent in the league. This is something that not even Tom Brady could keep up through the entirety of his career. However, in his 6th year, Brady had four Super Bowl appearances and three wins. While Mahomes is still a bit behind Brady, he is still off to one of the greatest starts that the NFL has ever seen. While he has suffered some minor injuries throughout the years, Mahomes has shown no serious signs of wear and tear and is still the best quarterback the game has to offer. 

What Another Super Bowl Win Would Do For His Resume

With a win in the Super Bowl, there is a very good chance that Mahomes could pull off another historic feat. He would become the first quarterback in the 21st century to win the regular season and Super Bowl MVP awards in the same season. This is a feat that has not been accomplished since Kurt Warner. If this occurs, the 2022 season will be looked back at as one of the best of Mahomes illustrious career. In his first year without Tyreek Hill, one of the top receiving threats in the league, he still came out and torched the league arguably having his best season to date. It will be a tall task taking down this elite Eagles team, however, if Mahomes can pull it off, his legacy will reap the benefits for the rest of time.