NFL teams by state

NFL teams by state

Twenty-three states have at least one NFL team, while the remaining twenty-seven do not. The states with the most number of NFL teams are California and Florida, with three apiece. Seven states has two or more NFL teams. The largest state without an NFL team is Virginia, while the smallest with one is Louisiana.

List of NFL teams by state

The following are lists based on each team’s home stadium.

Arizona NFL teams

Arizona Cardinals

California NFL teams

Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Chargers

San Francisco 49ers

Colorado NFL teams

Denver Broncos

Florida NFL teams

Jacksonville Jaguars

Miami Dolphins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Georgia NFL teams

Atlanta Falcons

Illinois NFL teams

Chicago Bears

Indiana NFL teams

Indianapolis Colts

Louisiana NFL teams

New Orleans Saints

Maryland NFL teams

Baltimore Ravens

Washington Commanders

Massachusetts NFL teams

New England Patriots

Michigan NFL teams

Detroit Lions

Minnesota NFL teams

Minnesota Vikings

Missouri NFL teams

Kansas City Chiefs

Nevada NFL teams

Las Vegas Raiders

New Jersey NFL teams

New York Giants

New York Jets

New York NFL teams

Buffalo Bills

North Carolina NFL teams

Carolina Panthers

Ohio NFL teams

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Pennsylvania NFL teams

Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers

Tennessee NFL teams

Tennessee Titans

Texas NFL teams

Dallas Cowboys

Houston Texans

Washington NFL teams

Seattle Seahawks

Wisconsin NFL teams

Green Bay Packers


There are a lot of questions about NFL teams by state. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions to help clear things up.

How many states have at least one NFL franchise?

23 states.

Which states have the most NFL teams?

California and Florida, with three NFL teams each.

Which states have more than one NFL team?

California, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

How many states don’t have an NFL team?

27 states.

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