Three Takeaways From NFL Preseason Week 2

Commanders stadium
"File:FedExField01.jpg" by Bernard Gagnon is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Week two of the preseason was a very eventful one. With multiple games back on for Sunday afternoon and Monday night football making its debut, football season is once again upon us. While fans and players are beginning to get ramped back up and into the swing of the season, some big things happened on the field. 

Antonio Gibson Could Be Falling Down the Depth Chart

The first major takeaway from week two of the preseason is that there may be some shaking up of the rotation in the running back room for the Washington Commanders. Rookie Brian Robinson has had an incredible preseason up to this point, and he has begun to see more and more time on the field as a result of this. Through the preseason, Robinson was taken over as the team’s primary rusher, and Antonio Gibson, the team’s starting running back last year, has been the primary pass catcher out of the backfield. However, once the regular season begins, fellow Commanders back J.D. McKissic will be back in action. Since he has been with the team, McKissic has been the team’s primary pass-catching back and he has done nothing to lose that job. As a result of this, it seems as if Gibson may be the odd man out of the Commander’s new running back room and if he does not step up this season, he could be looking for a new home next season. 

Kenny Pickett Should Be a Week One Starter

The second takeaway from the second week of preseason play is that Kenny Pickett may end up being the winner of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback competition. Many believed that Mitch Trubisky would be the day one starter for the Steelers, however, Pickett has put on a passing clinic through his first two appearances in the preseason. Along with this, he has already made a quick connection with rookie receiver George Pickins. This could be a duo that leads the Steelers for years to come, and if Pickett continues to prove that he is ready to be an NFL starting quarterback, there is no reason why the Steelers should bench him. 

Malik Willis Stuck In Trey Lace Situation

The final takeaway from week two of the preseason is that Malik Willis may be stuck in no man’s land for the next couple of years. The way things are going in Tennessee, Willis will be in a very similar situation to Trey Lace for the next 2-3 seasons. For the time being, there is no indication that the Titans have considered starting Willis this year outside of an injury to the team’s starting quarterback. From what he has shown so far, Willis has the talent to be a day one starter if not starting by the end of the season at least. Despite this, the Titans are deadset on sticking with veteran Ryan Tannehill through this season unless there are some major changes. This year, Willis will be forced to stay on the sidelines outside of trick plays where he will be the team’s quarterback or wide receiver. It is a shame that his talent is going to waste on the Titans’ bench, especially when thinking about what he can bring to this offense. Currently, the Titans are a very one-dimensional team. When Willis gets his time to shine, the ceiling for Tennessee’s offense raises exponentially and he will go on to do amazing things when he gets his chance.

NFL Preseason Week 2 Results

Thursday, Aug. 18

Bears 27 vs Seahawks 11

Friday, Aug. 19

Panthers 10 vs Patriots 20

Saints 10 vs Packers 20

Texans 24 vs Rams 20

Saturday, Aug. 20 

Broncos 15 vs Bills 42

Lions 27 vs Colts 26

Commanders 14 vs Chiefs 24

Raiders 15 vs Dolphins 13

Buccaneers 3 vs Titans 13

Cowboys 32 vs Chargers 18

Sunday, Aug. 21

Eagles 21 vs Browns 20

Bengals 22 vs Giants 25

Ravens 24 vs Cardinals 17

Monday, Aug. 22

Falcons 24 vs Jets 16