Three Possible Landing Spots For Derek Carr

"Carolina Panthers FanFest" by James Willamor is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Las Vegas Raiders have decided to go in a different direction at quarterback, as they’ve released longtime starter Derek Carr.

Leaving the only team he has ever known, Carr now has the opportunity to pick where he wants to continue his NFL career. He is viewed as an attractive option for several quarterback-needy teams around the league.

As the offseason begins in earnest, we will examine three franchises who might view Carr as a perfect fit in 2023 and beyond.

New York Jets

The Jets have made their desire to acquire a veteran quarterback well publicized since the conclusion of the regular season, and they seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. New York had a surprising 2022 campaign, where they won seven games after being thought of as a rebuilding franchise.

With the timeline to contention accelerated, the Jets are looking to bring in that missing piece under center to complement a roster that has a lot of talent. The team received moribund play at that position in 2022, which many feel cost them a playoff spot down the stretch of the campaign.

While Carr has never been viewed as an elite quarterback, he’s a solid, reliable player that would serve as a massive upgrade for the Jets. In New York, he would be tasked with getting the ball into the hands of some explosive young playmakers, which is something he has shown the ability to do.

New Orleans Saints

Before he was released by Las Vegas, the Raiders granted Carr permission to meet with the Saints, in order to gauge a potential fit. Ultimately, a trade was not finalized before Carr’s guaranteed money kicked in on February 15, so the team released him.

Despite the lack of a deal getting done initially, New Orleans would still seem to be a likely suitor for Carr’s services. There’s been a lot of intrigue and mystery surrounding the health of quarterback Jameis Winston, who was not able to re-enter the lineup after going down early last season. Fellow veteran Andy Dalton is not much more than a serviceable bridge at this point of this career.

Carr’s durability and current talent could be viewed as a boost for the Saints, who will likely continue to explore the viability of bringing him in.

Carolina Panthers

Over the least few years, the Panthers have played quarterback roulette in a way that few other franchises have. The likes of Sam Darnold, P.J. Walker and Baker Mayfield have all received the chance to start, and no one has distinguished themselves as a long term answer.

As a result, Carolina once again finds themselves looking for someone to hold down the position, in a division that seems up for grabs. After trading away some of their most talented players, the team hung in the playoff race, proving that their team has depth many did not initially see.

Carr’s acquisition would be a nice get for new Carolina head coach Frank Reich, who will look to provide the team with some stability at important areas.