Super Bowl LVII Takeaways

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Super Bowl LVII came right down to the wire as both teams put forth a performance they could be proud of. The Kansas City Chiefs would come out victorious, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles by a final score of 38-35. This is the third time the Chiefs have won the Lombardi Trophy in franchise history, and it’s the second time they’ve done it in the last four seasons.

We’ll examine three main takeaways from the final game of the NFL season.

Patrick Mahomes Is Sensational

On a general level, Super Bowl LVII was going to come down to two main variables. Most analysts(including every single one on the Fox broadcast) believed that the Eagles had the more well-rounded team up and down the roster, and that depth alone might carry them to a victory. On the other side, Kansas City featured a quarterback who is a once in a generation type of talent, paired with a head coach who expertly designs game plans to bring out the best from his players.

As it turned out, the special quarterback was able to overcome a ton of adversity, and come out with his second ring. Patrick Mahomes’ performance was nothing short of remarkable. Philadelphia knew that the Chiefs would feature tight end Travis Kelce, and still had a hard time limiting him during the game’s opening moments. Additionally, Mahomes seemed to reaggravate his nagging ankle injury late in the second quarter, but showed little to no ill effects from it in the second half. It’s the kind of game people will associate with his legacy forever.

Jalen Hurts Is Here To Stay

On the other side of the coin, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts also acquitted himself very nicely on the game’s biggest stage. His mobility was on full display throughout the contest, as he would scamper for first downs and touchdowns. Hurts scored three touchdowns on the ground, which tied a Super Bowl record. He also threw for an impressive deep score to begin the second quarter, finding wide receiver A.J. Brown.

If there was one blemish on Hurts’ otherwise stellar day, it came on an unforced error. While facing pressure, Hurts dropped the ball, and then kicked it away. Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton would scoop up the ball and bring it back for a touchdown. It’s hard to say that play cost the Eagles the game, but it kept Kansas City in the mix while their offense was stuck in neutral early in the tilt.

Whistle Blowing At A Pivotal Time

As has become perhaps a little too common throughout the NFL season, a controversial call at the end of the game has many people wondering how things could have been different. Philadelphia cornerback James Bradberry was called for a crucial holding penalty with under two minutes to go in the fourth quarter, impeding the progress of Kansas City wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

For what it’s worth, Bradberry admitted that he tugged on Smith-Schuster’s jersey early in the play, but many would’ve liked to see that play go uncalled. Replays showed that the hold may not have materially changed Smith-Schuster’s route. That call allowed the Chiefs to utilize most of the clock before Harrison Butker kicked the game-winning field goal.