Patrick Mahomes Could Join Historic List With Super Bowl Victory

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Patrick Mahomes has a chance to join one of the most coveted lists in all of the NFL. If the Kansas City Chiefs are able to take down the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII, Mahomes could become the first player since 1999 to win both the regular season and Super Bowl MVP awards in the same season. With the regular season already concluded, Mahomes sits as a heavy favorite to win the regular season MVP award at -750 odds. If the Chiefs end the year as Super Bowl champs, it is hard to believe that any player would win the Super Bowl MVP award over Mahomes. We will cover some of the standout games from his MVP caliber regular season, and some of the other NFL legends that make up the rest of the list. 

Mahomes’s MVP Caliber Run In 2022

Mahomes opened up the regular season with what could possibly be his best performance of the season. In the 44-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals, he threw for 360 yards, five touchdowns, and zero interceptions with a completion percentage of 76.92%. This would go on to be the most touchdowns that Mahomes would throw for in a game this season. 

In week nine, the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Tennesee Titans. They narrowly escaped with a 20-17 victory, however, Mahomes had another incredible day threw the air. He finished the contest completing 43 of his 68 passing attempts for 446 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Along with this, he was also active on the ground in this game, scrambling for 63 yards and a touchdown on six attempts. 

Mahomes concluded his 2022 regular season campaign with 5250 passing yards, 41 passing touchdowns, 12 interceptions, a competition percentage of 67.1%, a QBR of 77.6, 358 rushing yards, and four rushing touchdowns. In terms of league ranks, he finished first in passing yards, second in yards per attempt (min. 150 attempts), 7th in completion percentage (min. 150 attempts), first in passing touchdowns, tied for 31st in interceptions (min. 150 attempts), and third in passer rating (min. 150 attempts). Along with this, he was able to accomplish all of these numbers in his first season without Tyreek Hill on the roster since his trade to the Miami Dolphins. Many quarterbacks would take a major step back after losing such an elite target, however, Mahomes has found a way to come back even better. 

Other Players On the List

The six other players that make up the list that Patrick Mahomes could soon join are Bart Starr (1966), Terry Bradshaw (1966), Joe Montana (1989), Steve Young (1994), Brett Farve (1996), and Kurt Warner (1999). These are some of the greatest quarterbacks that have ever played the game, and it would only be right for Mahomes to also be a part of this list. However, he and the Kansas City Chiefs have a very tall task in front of them in the Philadelphia Eagles.