OT Jason Peters signing with Cowboys


Future Hall of Fame offensive tackle Jason Peters has agreed to a one year deal with the Dallas Cowboys. This may end up being Peters’s final season in the NFL. This season will be his eighteenth in the league, and is a feat that very few players have pulled off. Previously in his career, he has played for the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. Peters spent most of his career with the Eagles who interestingly are intense rivals with the Cowboys. In fact, during his time in Philadelphia, Peters had some very choiced words for the Cowboys. He was quoted in 2018 saying, “It’s just an arrogant organization. Everybody. America’s Team. Right now, they’re not winning. So let’s see how many people jump off the bandwagon.” When asked about these previous comments after signing with the team, Peters said, “Man, I don’t really call it arrogance, “I mean, they had swagger — pretty much the same thing. The swagger, they’ll go in week in and week out with that swagger, you can tell how the defense plays. Dak and Zeke, scoring and everybody (wearing) their emotions on their shoulders. I mean I like that to be honest. That’s how we did it in Philly and that’s how we’re going to do it here.”

Why He Chose Dallas

With Peters being such a big factor in the Eagles Super Bowl run and was one of the most loved players on the team, many were perplexed as to why he would sign with one of Philadelphia’s biggest rivals. However, when digging deeper, it makes much more sense as to why Peters signed with the Cowboys. He grew up in Texas and signing with Dallas gave him the chance to be closer to his growing family as his career comes to an end. Along with this, the Cowboys may have a cakewalk to the playoffs this season. With Peters jumping ship to another divisional team, it may create an even wider margin between the Cowboys and the Eagles than there was last season. 

Despite being 40 years of age, Peters still has a lot to bring to the table for the Cowboys. He will go on to be an incredible addition to the offensive line and may be able to revitalize the rushing attack that the Cowboys branded themselves around in a good chunk of the 2010’s. 

Hall of Fame Career

Jason Peters is a player that will likely be enshrined in the Hall of Fame once he becomes eligible. He has put together an incredible 17 year career and playing until the age of 40 at a hyper physical position like offensive tackle. Peters has had unreal longevity for his position and has remained a viable staring option for the past 15 years. He began his carer with the Buffalo Bills, after being undrafted. He had to work his way up with the Bills, however, he became a full time starter in his third season in the NFL. He would spend a total of five years with the Bills before joining the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia is where Peters would spend most of his prime and become a Super Bowl champion. After 11 years with the Eagles, Peters would join the Chicago Bears for a single season before signing with the Cowboys this offseaosn. Over his time in the league, Peters was named a nine time Pro Bowler, a two time All-Pro, a member of the HOF All-2010’s Team, and a Super Bowl Champion.