Anticipation Builds as NFL 2023 Draft Round 1 Order Takes Shape

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As the NFL 2023 Draft approaches, excitement and anticipation continue to mount among fans and teams alike. The first round of the draft is set to kick off with a flurry of activity, as teams jockey to secure their top prospects and bolster their rosters for the upcoming season. With a number of high-profile trades shaking up the order, the stage is set for a thrilling and unpredictable Round 1.

Round 1 Order

  • 1) Carolina Panthers (from Chicago)
  • 2) Houston Texans
  • 3) Arizona Cardinals
  • 4) Indianapolis Colts
  • 5) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)
  • 6) Detroit Lions (from L.A. Rams)
  • 7) Las Vegas Raiders
  • 8) Atlanta Falcons
  • 9) Chicago Bears (from Carolina)
  • 10) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans)
  • 11) Tennessee Titans
  • 12) Houston Texans (from Cleveland)
  • 13) Green Bay Packers (from N.Y. Jets)
  • 14) New England Patriots
  • 15) New York Jets (from Green Bay)
  • 16) Washington Commanders
  • 17) Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 18) Detroit Lions
  • 19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 20) Seattle Seahawks
  • 21) Los Angeles Chargers
  • 22) Baltimore Ravens
  • 23) Minnesota Vikings
  • 24) Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 25) New York Giants
  • 26) Dallas Cowboys
  • 27) Buffalo Bills
  • 28) Cincinnati Bengals
  • 29) New Orleans Saints (from San Francisco through Miami and Denver)
  • 30) Philadelphia Eagles
  • 31) Kansas City Chiefs

The Carolina Panthers, thanks to a trade with the Chicago Bears, have secured the coveted first overall pick, closely followed by the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals. Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks (via a trade with Denver) round out the top five selections.

Notable moves in the first round include the Detroit Lions obtaining the sixth overall pick from the Los Angeles Rams and the Chicago Bears snagging the ninth pick in a swap with Carolina. Philadelphia Eagles fans will also be keeping a keen eye on the draft, as the team holds two first-round picks, at 10th (from New Orleans) and 30th overall.

The competition is fierce, and the stakes are high as teams vie to uncover the next generation of NFL superstars. With a diverse pool of talent up for grabs, the 2023 NFL Draft promises to be one for the history books. Stay tuned as we break down the prospects, potential trades, and the strategies that will unfold during this exhilarating event.