New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers – NFL Week 4 Game Preview

"Steelers Huddle" by Jeffrey Beall is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The New York Jets are set to travel to Acrisure Stadium to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are coming into the game with a record of 1-2. This will be a very rough year for both teams as their quarterback rooms still need some clear work. For the Jets, Zach Wilson will have to show drastic improvement over how he has performed last season. He has not yet played in a regular season game this year due to injury, however, Joe Flacco has been amazing as a backup through this stretch. For the Steelers, it is clear that Mitch Tribuski will not be a long-term option at the quarterback position. If things continue to go downhill for the Steelers as the season continues, it will not be surprising if Kenny Pickett becomes the starting quarterback for Pittsburgh around the halfway point in the season. Both teams are likely going to be near the bottom of the standings once the year is over, however, it should be a close matchup between the two this Sunday.

New York Jets Look to Bounce Back From Week Three Loss

The New York Jets have not gotten off to a terrible start this season after taking all of their injuries into account. Zach Wilson is the current face of the franchise and the Jets are depending on him to lead the team as the franchise quarterback for years to come. He still has not proven that he is capable of this, however, the Jets also have not done much to put elite talent around him. 

Along with this the Jets also have a ways to go on the defensive end. As a result of the offense struggling to move the ball, the defense spends the majority of the game on the field. Flacco is a quarterback that has a lot of experience playing against AFC North teams as he spent almost his entire career with the Baltimore Ravens. He was able to take down the Cleveland Browns in week two, and if the Jets are able to put together another game like that, there is no reason as to why they cannot beat the Steelers as well. 

Pittsburgh Steelers Hope to Get Back On Track After Long Week

On the flip side, the Pittsburgh Steelers season has not gone too far from expectations. They were able to shock the league in week one when they took down the reigning AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals in overtime. Outside of the quarterback position, the Steelers are a very talented team, however, they have struggled to move the ball without much of a passing game. 

Najee Harris has done all that he can to put the offense on his back and lead the unit, however, as a running back, he can only do so much. Pittsburgh has a very talented defensive unit, but they are going to be without T.J. Watt once again in this matchup. They have been able to put some good games together without him in the past and with the Jets’ offense not being too much of a threat, they can still keep New York contained.