New York Giants at New York Jets NFL Preseason Week 3 Preview

new york jets
"New York Jets on the goal line about to score" by Marianne O'Leary is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The New York Giants are set to face off against the New York Jets to close out the preseason. This is technically a home game for the Jets, however, as a result of the Giants and Jets sharing the same stadium, it should be a pretty split crowd. Both the Giants and the Jets have had amazing preseason runs up to this point. Both teams are undefeated through their first two games. The Giants took a 23-21 win against the New England Patriots and a 25-22 victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. On the flip side, the Jets have taken down the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 24-21, and the Falcons in a 24-17 victory. 

Despite both of the teams being undefeated through the regular season, all of their wins have been in nailbiter games. This is a promising sign for the regular season for the Jets and the Giants. Both teams will be near the bottom of the standings in the NFL this year. As a result of this, it is important that they prove they can close out close games. It is unlikely that they will run into many games that come down to the wire in the regular season, so it is essential that when they do find themselves in situations like this, they can take home a win. 

New York Giants Hope to Take Home a Rivalry Win

The Giants and Jets have what was once a violent rivalry. However, as both teams have gone into rebuilding processes, the rivalry has lost some steam. The beef between the two teams came to a head in a preseason joint practice in 2005 that would result in one of the biggest brawls in modern NFL history. 

Coming into this matchup against the Jets, the Giants are, for the time being, set to play their starters for a considerable amount of time in the final game before the regular season. With the Giants not having much to lose in the regular season, they may take this opportunity to give their young core the first half or even the entire game to get on the same page and more comfortable playing together. This is something that could go on to win them a couple of extra games during the regular season. 

New York Jets Look to Close the Preseason Undefeated

The Jets are in a very similar situation to the Giants. Both have young and unproven quarterbacks that have not completely sold their teams on them yet. As a result of this, the Jets may give their starters some extra time on the field as well. The Jets did a wonderful job in this year’s draft and are coming into the season with arguably the strongest rookie class in the league. While they will not do much during the regular season, this could end up being the “Super Bowl” for the Jets this season. Defeating their rivals to become one of the few or only team’s to go undefeated this preseason would be a good first step for this core.