Lewis Hamilton Takes Ownership Share of the Denver Broncos

lewis hamilton

After the recent purchase of the Denver Broncos, a new name has been added to the ownership group. Lewis joined the group as a limited shareholder meaning that he can only lose what he invested into the team if they were to go bankrupt. Where other members would lose their personal assets if the team were to go bankrupt, Hamilton would only be out the money that he contributed to join the ownership group. With owning an NFL team being one of the safest investments in the world, Hamilton likely would not be sweating his financial involvement with the team regardless, however, this role leaves him even further protected than others in the group. 

Who Is Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One champion and one of the biggest names in his respective sport. Hamilton is the newest member of what has been described as a “super team” of an ownership group. With all of the big names involved in the purchase, the $4.65 billion begins to look like pocket change when you begin to add up all of their respective net worths. As Hamilton continues to ride out the remainder of his racing career, this ownership role gives him the perfect opportunity to remain close to sports and maintain a lucrative income without having to risk his life behind the wheel. It will be interesting to see if any other big-name athletes, celebrities, or businesspeople also join the ownership group. 

Other Members of the Purchasing Group

The official name of the purchasing group of the Broncos is the Walton-Penner family ownership group. The group is headed by Rob Walton who is an heir of Walmart. Also included in the group is Robert’s daughter Carrie, her husband Greg Penner, and Mellody Hudson. Hudson is an extremely successful businesswoman who has built an incredible amount of wealth in her career. She currently is the co-CEO of Ariel Investments, a chair of the board of Starbucks, along with being a director of J.P. Morgan. 

Another interesting purchasing group that arose before the Broncos were bought was headed by Donda Sports. Currently, Donda Sports is headed by Kanye West and Antonio Brown. While it was never officially reported if the duo ever made an official offer to buy the team, Brown told media that he and West were “very serious” about buying the team and he even told Rodger Goodell to call him. Although they missed out on the deal, Donda Sports made a big splash in the NFL this offseason. Over the offseason, they brought Los Angles Rams defensive tackle, Aaron Donald, onto the roster of Donda Sports. This was a huge break for the sports management group. Although Donald may not have too much more time left in the league, he is still a top player in the league and arguably the best at his position of all time. Shortly after signing with Donda Sports, Donald reached a contract extension with the Rams. 

It is great to see more athletes getting involved with owning teams and staying around sports they love after their career is over.