Lamar Jackson Turned Down a Five-Year, $250 Million Contract Extension Offer from the Baltimore Ravens

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Although details of their contract negotiations have been kept private, it was recently reported that star quarterback Lamar Jackson turned down a five-year extension offer worth over $250 million with $133 million guaranteed at signing from the Baltimore Ravens. While the total value of the deal would have increased to just under $274 million over six years, Jackson reportedly decided to play out the $23 million fifth-year option on his rookie deal before the extension started in 2023. So, what led to this decision?

It’s no secret that Jackson is one of the most electrifying young quarterbacks in the NFL today. He led the Ravens to consecutive AFC North titles and was named league MVP in 2019. So, it’s not surprising that the team would want to lock him down with a long-term deal.

However, given his age and experience (or lack thereof), some have argued that Jackson is simply not worth that much money. And there’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to replicate his success over the next few years. After all, we’ve seen many young quarterbacks flame out after initial success. Plus, with the current economic climate, it’s possible that the salary cap could decrease in future years, which would make it difficult for the Ravens to sign other key players if they’re paying Jackson such a high salary.

Only time will tell whether Jackson made the right decision in turning down this extension offer. If he continues to play at a high level and lead the Ravens to success, then he’ll be able to command an even higher salary on his next contract. But if his performance drops off or he sustains a serious injury, then he may end up regretting his decision. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this story unfolds in the coming years.

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