NFL Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Game Preview

broncos stadium
"Broncos vs Ravens 2013 NFL KickOff" by CDOM Photography is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

The Kansas City Chiefs are set to travel to Empowerment Field at Mile High Stadium to take on the Denver Broncos in a week 14 divisional matchup. The Chiefs come into the game with a record of 9-3 and currently sit in first place in the AFC West. On the flip side, the Broncos enter the contest with a record of 3-9. This season has been vastly different for the two teams. Heading into the year, many thought that the Cheifs would take a big step back after trading Tyreke Hill to the Miami Dolphins, however, both the Cheifs and the Dolphins have been just fine this season and are both well on their way to making the playoffs. The same can not be said for the Broncos. Many came into the season thinking that they would be Super Bowl contenders. They appeared to only be a quarterback away from being one of the most talented rosters in the league, and it appeared that problem was solved once Denver’s front office made a blockbuster trade that landed them Russell Wilson. However, with Wilson at the helm, it appears that the Broncos may be even worse off with him. 

Kansas City Chiefs Look to Continue Reign of Dominance Over the AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the most talented offenses in the league. With Pattrick Mahomes being the best quarterback of his generation, he has made things work with a mediocre receiving core. He has managed to do this by relying more on Travis Kelce more than potentially any other point in his career. They will have a tall task this week against a Broncos defensive unit that has been the only thing keeping their season alive. However, with Denver’s offense playing so poorly, if Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense are able to put 2-3 touchdowns on the board, it will likely be more than enough to bring home another win. On the defensive side of the ball, Kansas City should not have too much trouble this week. 

Denver Broncos Hope to Bounce Back and Salvage What Remains of Their Season

As previously mentioned, the Denver Broncos have been atrocious this season. A lot of this can be attributed the offensive unit. Russell Wilson has done an awful job of leading the team, and many think that the locker room has swung against him. He does not have too many weeks to win them back this season, and there are already some rumors that he could be moved from the team this offseason. For the sake of his future in Denver, Wilson must find a way to right the ship and get things turned around for the offense. Even with the Broncos’ defensive unit playing at such an elite level, they still may not be enough to stop Kansas City. It will be on the shoulders of Wilson to keep up with Mahomes and the Chiefs. If Denver can make a late season push, it would mean great things for them heading into next season, however, for this to happen, the offesne will have to almost look like an entirely different unit compared to how they have been playing through the year thus far.