How the Buffalo Bill Should Attack the Off-Season

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The Buffalo Bills had yet another very disappointing end to their season. Since he has emerged as one of the top quarterbacks in the league, many have thought that year after year, it was going to be the Bills’ turn to make an AFC Championship or Super Bowl run. However, that still has not happened despite the Bills hanging around the top of the regular season standings every season. With there being some key pieces on the roster starting to get some age on them, it is clear that Buffalo is in a win now mode. Despite this, they have not been able to get over the hump and take down the best of the best like the Kansas City Chiefs or Cincinnati Bengals in the playoffs. Next year is the year that Buffalo needs to finally pull everything together and find a way to bring the organization their first Super Bowl since 1965. There are three things that the Bills need to do to make this happen.

Sign a True RB1 Caliber Player

The most important thing to the Bills’ this offseason should be signing one of the top running backs in free agency this season. Some players they should keep their eye out for are either Saquon Barkely or Kareem Hunt. Barkley has reemerged as one of the best backs that the league has to offer. If Buffalo is able to sign him, they would likely have the best offensive attack in all of football in the 2023 season. 

While the Bills should try for Saquon, a much more realistic option is Kareem Hunt. During his time in Cleveland, Hunt has fallen to the side and become overlooked as a result of splitting carries with Nick Chubb. Despite this, Hunt remains one of the most talented backs in the league. If he signs with the Bills’ he could be poised for a breakout year. 

Draft a Right Tackle

The next thing that the Bills must do is sign a new right tackle. Last season, right tackle Spencer Brown gave up six or more pressures in four of his fifteen starts. The effects of forcing Josh Allen to constantly run the ball began to show themselves this season. While he is one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks that the game has to offer, it hurts Allen’s longevity and in turn the team’s championship window if the team refuses to get players that will adequately protect him. With the Bills already being a very well rounded team, they do not have too many positions of need meaning they could use one of their top picks this year on a right tackle.

Bring Back Jordan Poyer

The final thing that Bills need to do to set them up for a Super Bowl next season is to bring back Jordan Poyer. He was brought into Buffalo in 2017 and has flourished with the team. Since his time in Buffalo, he has developed into a Pro Bowler and a one time member of the All-Pro team. While he has battled some injuries, he has proven that he can still play at an elite level. With the injury to Demar Hamlin likely keeping him out for a substantial amount of time, it is essential that the Bills bring back what depth they can at strong safety in Jordan Poyer.