NFL cheerleaders may not earn as much as they should, but they are an important part of the game day experience.

Despite earning just $150 per game day, NFL cheerleaders provide an important service to fans and players alike. Their enthusiasm and energy help create a festive atmosphere inside the stadium, and their dance routines are always a highlight of any game.

In addition to their game day duties, NFL cheerleaders also make appearances at public events and charity functions. While they may only earn $50-$75 for these appearances, they help to promote the team and its brand in the community.

NFL cheerleader salary

Former NFL cheerleaders have come forward in recent years to complain about their low wages. One cheerleader even said she only earned $3,000 for an entire season. This is simply not enough to support oneself, let alone a family.

NFL teams need to do better when it comes to compensating their cheerleaders. These women provide an important service and deserve to be paid fairly for their work.

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