Five Teams That Could Trade For Aaron Rodgers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Steve Jacobson /

True to form, Aaron Rodgers announced he would make his final decision on if he will retire this offseason during a four day “darkness retreat”. Currently, signs are pointing to him returning to the game as Tom Brady said he did not think that it was time for Rodgers to join him in retirement. If he finds that he is meant to come back to football in 2023, it has been made clear that it will not happen in Green Bay. There are five teams that stand out amongst the rest for the top landing spots for Rodgers. 

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are and have been a one trick pony for the past few seasons. Outside of Derrick Henry there is not much to the team offensively. As a result of this, we are starting to see that wear and tear take effect and Henry begins to break down a little. To help slow down this process and bring in some much needed assistance on offense, it would be the perfect fit for Tennessee to put together a deal to acquire Rodgers. Currently, Ryan Tannehill is set to make more than Rodgers. Adding the veteran to the team would raise the ceiling for a few more seasons before the impending rebuild in Tennessee. 

New York Jets

Another incredible landing spot for Rodgers would be the New York Jets. Currently, the Jets are a quarterback away from being true contenders. Their defense played at an elite level, they have a promising back in Breece Hall, and the wide receiving core also played very promising last season. It is clear that Zach Wilson is causing more problems than he is solving in New York. The time is now to move him and acquire a quarterback that can lead this team to a deep playoff run. 

San Francisco 49ers

Arguably the most intriguing team that could trade for Rodgers would be the 49ers. Rodgers is from California, and it would bring him home to a Super Bowl ready roster to close out his career. While the 49ers have two quarterbacks with a lot of potential, neither of them are nearly as proven as Rodgers. While this does greatly close the championship window for the core of the 49ers roster, Rodgers would be the perfect final piece to this roster. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay is another organization where it would make a lot of sense to trade for Rodgers. They are a team that has the talent on paper to contend, however, they were a shell of themselves last season. If Rodgers was added to the team and could find a way to reignite the spark in the Tampa Bay locker room, the Buccaneers could hold off their post Tom Brady rebuild for a couple more seasons.

Las Vegas Raiders

The final top landing spot for Rodgers would be with the Las Vegas Raiders. We saw last season that his numbers took a huge drop after the departure of Devante Adams. This move would reunite the pair, and Rodgers would have much more help on the offensive side than he did in Green Bay. While there would have to be some improvements made to the defense. The Raiders could make a run for the AFC West if they were to make a deal for Rodgers.