Cincinnati Bengals announce white helmets will appear in the 2022 season

Cincinatti Bengals
"Cincinnati Bengal" by San Diego Shooter is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

The Cincinnati Bengals recently announced that their “White Bengal” uniforms will be making an appearance in the 2022 season. This helmet and jersey colorway is something that not only Bengals fans, but fans all around the league have been hoping would come to life eventually. 

Previously, teams were only allowed to wear one helmet design for the entire season. This rule has been put in place since 2012, but many have wondered why the rule even existed in the first place and what purpose it served. The league agreed with the fans and lifted the one helmet rule in 2022. 

Why helmet is being released now

This announcement from the Bengals comes off the heels of the Houston Texans announcing that they would be unveiling a “Battle Red” helmet earlier in the week. It will be very interesting to see what other teams will join the Texans and Bengals and add some more variety to the uniform and helmet combos teams have at their disposal. With the NFL working more on their star recognition and coming across as more of a “fun league”, the lifting of the ban makes perfect sense. Seeing jersey and helmet designs that fans have been clamoring for for years along with seeing more uniform designs come to life is something that is very exciting for everyone. 

Outlook on Bengals’ upcoming season

The new helmets are one of the many things that Bengals fans have to look forward to coming into the 2022 season. They burst onto the scene last year with their first healthy season of the Joe Burrow era. Being a number one overall pick can come with a lot of pressure and it is not unusual to see teams struggle for a few years with new young quarterbacks. However, this was not the case for the Bengals, despite being projected to finish last in their own division coming into the 2021 season. Cincinnati not only won the AFC North but also thrived in the playoffs and won the AFC Championship. Although they were narrowly defeated, they put up an amazing fight against a star-studded Los Angeles Rams team. 

With the Bengals being such a young team, they shocked the world by making it as far as they did last year. However, now there is an expectation for them to once again be one of the league’s top teams. It will be very interesting to see if the young core of Cincinnati will be able to handle the pressure that will be on them this season and once again go on a nice playoff run, especially after the great moves they have made over the offseason. The Bengals front office saw that it was clear they now have a current championship window and they went right to work over the offseason building a team around their young stars. They have done a lot over the offseason to bulk up their lacking offensive line and have also made some very savvy and smart defensive acquisitions. The White Bengal uniforms are just one of the many things that Bengals fans have to look forward to and be excited about heading into the 2022 season.