3 Most Enticing Vacant Head Coaching Positions

NFL teams

January 9th has been deemed as “Black Monday” in the NFL world. This is the day after the final game of the regular season and when most teams let their head coaches go if they are going to. As a result of this, we saw heads begin to roll around the league. With most of the head coaches that are going to be fired already let go and teams look to fill the newly vacant positions, there are three teams that stand out amongst the rest as alluring positions. 

Arizona Cardinals

The hottest head coaching spot in the league right now is the Arizona Cardinals. They have a quarterback on the cusp of becoming elite in Kyler Murray. However, while being one of the most promising parts of the roster, he may also be the thing that scares some potential head coaches away. Murray had clear disputes with former head coach Cliff Kingsbury who before this season was held in very high regard as a head coach. However, it appears as if the Cardinals felt that they had to choose between their quarterback and their head coach, and it is clear which one they picked. Whoever signs on to be the head coach will have to make it a top priority to stay in Murray’s good graces. If they can get some chemistry with him, they may be able to get the best of him and develop the young quarterback into one of the best in the league. Along with a very promising quarterback, the Cardinals also have a very talented receiving core and some solid defensive pieces. 

Denver Broncos

The next spot that stands out amongst the rest of the newly vacant head coaching positions is the Denver Broncos head coaching spot. Coming into this season, the Broncos were expected to be a great team after trading for Russell Wilson, however, Wilson had a dud of a season and Denver struggled. They still have one of the best defenses in the league, the new head coach simply must find a way to get Wilson playing as he did in Seattle. If Wilson is able to turn back the clock next season, there is nothing holding Denver back from being a team that could make a deep playoff run. On top of their elite defensive unit, they also have a solid receiving core, and a very promising running back room. 

Houston Texans

The final head coaching vacancy that is drawing a lot of buzz is the Houston Texans head coaching job. Although the Texans have one of the worst rosters in the league, this is a very secure head coaching position. Whoever is hired will be given a few years to develop the young talent they draft and in no means will have to worry about their job security early on. As a result of this, it will allow the new coach to do what is best for the long term growth of the team rather than what will win them games now. With Houston having a plethora of draft picks after trading some veteran talent, they will likely be a promising young team within the next few years making this a very promising position.