NFL totals (OVER/UNDER) betting

Over/Under betting is a type of wager where you predict whether the total number of points scored in a game will be over or under a certain number. This is one of the simplest bets to make, but it can be quite lucrative if you know what you’re doing. Here are some tips on how to master Over/Under betting on NFL games.

How NFL Totals (OVER/UNDER) Betting Works

In an NFL game, there are two teams playing against each other. Your job as a bettor is to decide if you think the combined score of those two teams will be more than (over) or less than (under) the total. For example, let’s say that the total for Raiders vs. Chargers game is 47.5 points. If you think that the final score will be more than 47 points, you would bet the OVER. If you think that the final score will be less than 47 points, you’d bet the UNDER. It’s as simple as that! One thing to keep in mind is that in order for your bet to win, BOTH teams must combine to go over or under the total—it doesn’t matter which team scores more points.

Types of Totals Bets

  • Straight Bet: This is a bet where you simply pick whether you think the final score will go over or under the total.
  • Parlay Bet: This is a bet where you group two or moreOVER/UNDER bets together. All of your bets must hit in order for you to win your parlay.
  • Prop Bet: This is a type of bet where you can wager on things like how many touchdown passes a quarterback will throw in a game or how many rushing yards a running back will have.
  • Future Bet: This is a type of long-term bet where you can bet on things like which team will win the Super Bowl before the season even starts.
  • Live Bet: This is a type of bet where you can place wagers on games while they’re being played in real-time. The lines for live bets are constantly changing as the game goes on so it definitely adds an extra level of excitement!

As we’ve seen, NFL totals betting is relatively straightforward but there are still a few things that gamblers need to keep in mind before placing their bets. First and foremost, remember that when betting on football totals, it doesn’t matter which team scores more points—all that matters is whether both teams combine to go over or under the total!

Totals Step by Step

  1. Do your research
    The first step to any successful sports bet is doing your research. This means familiarizing yourself with the teams, the players, and the matchups. In the case of Over/Under betting, you’ll want to pay special attention to things like injuries and weather conditions that could affect the outcome of the game.
  2. Look at the trends
    Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to start looking at trends. Which teams tend to go over or under the total? Are there any patterns you can identify? Doing this homework will give you a better idea of which sides of the Over/Under bets are worth taking.
  3. Shop around for the best lines
    Don’t just blindly take the first Over/Under bet you see. Lines can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, so it pays to shop around for the best price. Just be sure to check out our reviews before signing up at a new sportsbook so you know you’re getting a good deal.
  1. Be patient
    Finally, the most important thing to remember when betting on NFL Over/Unders is to be patient. Don’t force bets just because you’re feeling lucky; wait for games where you have a real edge before putting your money down. If you stick to these simple tips, you’ll be raking in the profits in no time!

Over/Under betting on NFL games can be quite profitable if approached correctly. Do your research on the teams and players, look for trends, shop around for the best lines, and be patient when placing your bets. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll master Over/Under betting in no time!